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Douglas McKinley, Attorney at Law
Legal Services for Business

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 P.O.  Box 7395
Alexandria, Virginia 22307-0395 
Telephone: 703-249-2873
Facsimile:   202-591-1564
Email:  demckinley@cavtel.net
Member: Virginia State Bar

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Juris Doctor, University of Michigan

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Bachelor of Science, U. S. Naval Academy
Compensation for legal services is usually based on a hourly fee for time plus expenses incurred. An initial deposit and a fee agreement providing for monthly billing and payment will be requested. Other compensation arrangements, necessary to suit your circumstances, will be considered. An initial consultation to determine if your concerns can be helped by legal assistance in general and my assistance in particular will be provided without charge. I have been practicing law over 30 years.    

Government Legal Service:

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jewel quest Trial Attorney,Tax Division, U.S. Department of Justice
Assistant County Attorney, Fairfax County, Virginia
Legal services provided to:
Restaurants and other businesses dealing with the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission and county and city governments
Businesses and individuals dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and the 
Virginia Department of Taxation
Businesses and individuals defending and prosecuting commercial and monetary claims
Creditors asserting and defending claims in bankruptcy proceedings
Commercial landlords and tenants dealing with lease formation and lease disputes 
Business entity formation, agreements between business operators and investors
Businesses in disputes with franchisors  

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